ISS Accounting System

designed according to accounting principles

Easy to use with huge analytics power

Since all activities of a company will finally flow to accounting department, the good analytics power of an accounting system plays an important role in understanding the strength, the weakness, the potential and the threat of the company. ISS Accounting System equipped with strong internal analysis power, management can easily gain insight of the company and develop good strategic planning.

With IRA (Integrated Remote Access) function, you can choose to centralize your accounting data at head office as overseas staff do the accounting work for you. You can also choose to integrate with our A.I. Platform to further understand any behavior pattern inside your data.

Features Highlights

Chart of Account (CA)

User-defined CA empowers you to know anything you are interested in

Multiple Profit Centers

Handle multiple profit centers easily with one accounting system

Multiple Currency

Both original currencies and base currency are kept for analysis

Unlimited Analysis Code

Powerful internal analysis is always the key of every successful business.

Salesmen Analysis

Analyze salesmen performance is easily achievable

Handle Partial Payment

Protect you from any partial non-received balance

Multi Language

You can choose your language interface as well as language entry. Your business can be anywhere in the world

Integrate with other ISS Softwares

Optional to integrate with our Project Management Cloud and A.I. platform