Predictive Analytics

maximize your business return with the power of predictive analytics

A.I. System

Our world is moving toward more and more complex. Enormous amount of data comes from sensors, devices, video/audio, networks, log files, web, social media and internal applications data etc. Business insights cannot be obtained purely by experience anymore but assisted by data analytics power.

We are here to fill the skill gap between data analytics know-how and domain knowledge owners and provide skill transfer if needed. Below are our Analytic Services:-

In-House Training

We provide training including understanding data analytics, cases sharing and platform building


We walk together with you side by side in building data analytics platform for your needs.

Data Analytics Services

We provide end to end service on data analytics, from data collection to prediction model delivery

Our Analytics Services

Sales & Marketing

Analytics include:- (i) Customer Segmentation & Targeting (ii) Predictive Product Recommendations (iii) Product Price Optimization (iv) Predictive Analytics on Customer Behavior Pattern

Sentiment Analysis

Based on the text-based analytics, a company can analyze the unstructured text of website content, blog, social media, social networking post, incoming document and email to determine the user sentiment related to particular companies, brands or products.

Asset Maintenance Prediction

Using IoT, data analytics and prediction modeling, we can help you to predict the time of maintenance and get you prepare resources ahead of time

Fraud Detection

Probability of Default (PD) is the most important component of credit risk, the goal is to identify efficient features on PD and estimate PD for new loans in the category of corporate asset.

Behavior Pattern Mining Community Version

ISS Behavior Pattern Mining: Community Version