ISS Project Management

online software to monitor and collaborate project team members anywhere anytime

Empower your work online

ISS Project Management is a 100% online project management tool focused on managing projects from negotiation, planning, completion to archive.

It provides the management, project managers, project team members and external stakeholders a virtual workspace to work together to finish the projects seamlessly.

Features Highlight
Work on Internet in your own server or data center
  • Multiple Company
  • Multiple Project
  • Multiple User
Project Planning ok
Gantt Chart ok
Team Collaboration ok
Document Sharing ok
Discussion Forum ok
Issue Tracking ok
Approval Process ok
Human Resources Planning ok
Timesheet Management ok
Automate Reports including
  • Late Tasks Report
  • Human Resources Allocation Report
  • Project Costs Report ...
Option: Integrate with ISS Accounting ok
Multiple Platform: AIX, LINUX, UNIX, Windows ok
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Benefits Highlight

To Management

  • Real Time Birdview Projects
  • Reduce Project Risks
  • Reduce Cost Overrun
  • Compress Project Duration
  • Reduce Administrative Time Spent
  • Develop Valuable Knowledge Base
  • To Project Managers

  • Easily Ensure Project Progress on the Right Track
  • Easily Identify Project Issues
  • Easily Monitor Project Costs
  • Easily Optimize Human Resources
  • To Team Members

  • Easily Access the Needed Document and Information
  • Easily Particpate and Collaborate with Others