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  SIX MODULES: ISS Project Management

These six Modules run on any platform: AIX, UNIX, LINUX and Windows.

They can works independently with full function or integrate with one another according to the needs of users. The following is their brief:

  Online Gantt Chart Module

ISS Gantt Chart is the helpful co-worker to project managers.

# Maximize your daily works.

# Optimize your human resources by providing you overview on the workload of your staff.

# Empower managers to monitor projects anytime anywhere.

# Easily track and trace risk related issues and ensure the success of projects.

# Compatible with MS Project.

Online Timesheet Management Module

ISS Timesheet Management empowers the management to get the first hand information of human resources cost on project with just a click.

# Cost Reports are generated automatically with reliability and accuracy.

# Assignees can easily participate and update the progress of their assigned tasks anytime anywhere.

# Managers can charged their clients with track record.

# Accountant and all project participants can save a lot of man-hours from
   manually generating the Cost Reports of human resources on project.

Online Document Management Module

ISS Document Management features a powerful and complete document management system.
# Handle any type of document

# Build document versions

# Keep audit trail

# Approval process

Online Message Board Module

ISS Message Board
enables team members of each project to discuss privately and securely through the internet. It runs on desktop and smart phone.

Centralized discussion board allows participants to share documents, consolidate thoughts and ideas among themselves anytime anywhere.  

Online Forms Management Module

ISS Forms Management allows administrator to create online-forms for their staff to fill in.

# Similar to Excel, easy to use.

# Online centralized forms enable management to track and trace issue/work status ...

# Sample Forms:  Issues Tracking, Out of Pocket Expenses, Request for
   Changes, Budget Cost and Actual Cost Tracking.

Online Workflow Management Module

ISS Workflow Management
route documents and forms through user-defined workflow processes for approval process.

The workflow management provides the transparency to the management to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Company.

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